Harry Fenton, Lebanon, Pa criminal defense lawyer

Family Law

Problems arising within families present unique challenges that call for special attention. Every family is different, and questions of divorce, custody, and support are deeply personal.

Harry has been appointed by the Lebanon County Court to serve as a Master in divorce cases. For this reason, to maintain neutrality, Harry no longer accepts cases involving divorce.

Harry continues to handle all other aspects of family law:

  • Child support
  • Custody, both between parents and cases involving grandparents
  • Protection from Abuse Petitions
  • Adoptions

Having handled hundreds of divorce, custody, and support cases, Harry Fenton has a strong history of giving each of these cases the attention it deserves. In divorce, careful scrutiny is required to identify all available assets, including pensions, real estate, and other investments, and to be sure that each is properly valued and distributed. In custody and support cases, the focus always remains on the children involved. Harry recognizes that the goal of every custody agreement should be to accommodate the schedules of the caregivers while causing as little disruption to the children as possible.

When an agreement is not possible, you can rely upon Harry Fenton’s years of experience in dealing with hearings before Divorce Special Masters, Custody Conciliators, the Domestic Relations Office, and the court. Rigid attention to preparation prior to these types of court proceedings is key, and that type of preparedness is what you will experience when you rely upon Harry for any family law matter.