Harry Fenton, Lebanon, Pa criminal defense lawyer

Lebanon Courtroom

Being charged with a crime, or being the subject of a criminal investigation, is one of the most stressful moments most people will ever experience. The pressure brought to bear by law enforcement can cause many people to react in ways that will make matters worse for them.

If you are charged or are being investigated, you are not alone — you will receive professional and practical advice by calling Harry Fenton. Talk to Harry before talking to law enforcement.

Harry Fenton handles all manner of criminal defense:

  • Traffic offenses, DUI, and license suspensions
  • Drug offenses, including both simple possession and distribution
  • Assault, harassment, and domestic violence
  • Theft, shoplifting, burglary, and robbery

Every case is different, and each deserves individual attention. Some cases are best resolved through a negotiated plea, in which a deal is struck with the prosecution to achieve the best outcome. Other cases may be eligible for the ARD program. Still others will require trial, in which case you will find Harry Fenton to be a capable ally. He has appeared in more than one hundred jury trials, defending people in cases ranging from homicide down to marijuana possession. Harry is one of only three lawyers in Lebanon County certified to handle death penalty cases. He has the experience and continuing education to handle your case.